Rewordable: The Uniquely Fragmented Word Game

5 Stars!

The Kickstarter-funded, uniquely fragmented word game
·    Carefully crafted to make it easy to form longer, more common words
·    Intuitive and fun for 2-8 players of all skill levels (ages 8 and up)
·    Includes 120 cards, 16 tokens, and nifty fold-out rules and poster
·    Variable deck with a fresh linguistic experience every game

Every letter counts in a game of Rewordable. Each of the 120 cards has been selected for optimal word crafting. Build a new word and be rewarded. Or add to other players’ words to steal their points. Create the largest lexicon of words by the end of the game to become the Rewordable champion.

·    120 cards with one-, two-, and three-letter sequences, selected through linguistic research, computational analysis, and extensive playtesting
·    16 tokens add different goals, strategies, and rewards to every game
·    Nifty fold-out rules with easy to follow how-to-play diagrams

A winner! I loved this game. I love word games anyway. This kind of reminded me of a cross between Scrabble and Rummy.

I took this game to my daughter's for the weekend so we could try it out. I told her and her hubby it was for review, so we were excited to try it. We all gave it two thumbs up!

We actually liked it so much we played it twice. Then after I went home (I left the game with them) my daughter texted me and said they were going to play it again!

It was lots of fun. It took some thought and some planning. I always tried to plan my words out ahead but was sometimes foiled if someone used the card I wanted so I learned to have a 2nd and even 3rd option. I think we all found it to be quite challenging and we are all intelligent people! I hated playing a small word but had to if that's all I could come up with. When one of us played a long word we were all ecstatic! I think this will be on our list of games we play when I go visit.

 Sorry, I had to black one out - they made a bad word!!! Hahaha!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving this game from Blogging for Books Thank You!

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  1. This is going on my Christmas and birthday list. I love word games and playing with words.

  2. This is pretty cool! Dave doesn't like to play word games though *eye roll*

    It actually reminds me of something I used to do when I was younger. Start with a ridiculously long word and find as many smaller words from that starter word. It kept me occupied for a while.

  3. YAY! Yes, you both would love this game!
    We had so much fun playing it!
    And I didn't mention this but it is a game that can be played with 2 people as well (some games are not good for only 2).

    And, Jen - Glen wouldn't like it either. I ditto your *eye roll*! LOL