Sun at Mignight - Rosie Thomas

4 Stars

Alice, who as a scientist relies on method, precision, and tangible proof, is forced to critically evaluate her own life for the first time when her relationship with her artist boyfriend collapses spectacularly. Heartbroken, childless, and tied down by her work, it is time to break away. Accepting an invitation to join an expedition to the southernmost point of the earth, Antarctica, Alice ventures beyond all that she’s known.

Upon arrival, she meets James Rooker, a man who, like her, has nowhere further to run in Antarctica's beautiful but unforgiving environment. Living on a tiny research base with only a small group of people, the isolation wipes out everyone's past, but there is a jolt of recognition between Alice and Rooker that cannot be denied. Geographically and emotionally o
n the brink of sublime, new terrain, Alice discovers something that will change her life forever . . . if she survives. 

Rosie Thomas is the author of numerous critically acclaimed, bestselling novels. She has won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award twice, for her novels Iris & Ruby and Sunrise. Born in a small village in northern Wales, Thomas discovered a love of traveling and mountaineering when her children were grown. In the years since, she has climbed in the Alps and the Himalayas, competed in the Peking to Paris car rally, trekked in the footsteps of Shackleton on South Georgia Island, and spent time on a tiny Bulgarian research station in Antarctica. To research The Kashmir Shawl, she traveled to Ladakh and Kashmir.

Learn more about Rosie at www.rosiethomasauthor.com

I ended up really enjoying this book even though it took me a bit to get into it. With a diverse, interesting cast of characters - it was fun to see them all thrown together. It was kind of like survivor, Ha! People from all over, from different backgrounds having to live together. And then, throw in the frigid cold weather and blizzards not to even mention all their personal issues and baggage.

The descriptions were great! I could really picture being there (and I would love to be there!). There were also a few heart stopping moments.
"They attempted to work, although it was clear from the  onset that there was almost no point. The wind was so strong that it tore the pages of their notebooks and threatened to snatch instruments out of their hands. It was impossible to talk, only to shriek above the gusts, and it was too cold to take off mittens or goggles for even a few seconds at a time."

"Then he dropped the compass.
In an eye-blink the instrument hit the ground beside his boot, hung for a second in the ruff of soft snow mounded around his tracks, then toppled again and began to slide. It gathered speed, skidding faster, out of sight down the small slope to the glacier. They were so cold that the hardly moved. There was no point in plunging after it. It was gone for good."
Well all this makes for an interesting read. My only negative really was that is was long! Almost 500 pages and it was a bit slow in spots, but definitely worth the read!

This was a new to me author and I would love to try more.

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from The Overlook Press ~ Thank You!
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