Water My Soul: Ninety Meditations from an Old Order Mennonite - Darla Weaver

5 Stars

How does your spiritual garden grow? What do you do to keep your Christian life flourishing? Darla Weaver explores these ideas as she connects gardening to spiritual growth in a new devotional, Water My Soul: 90 Meditations from an Old Order Mennonite (Herald Press, September 2017).

Touching on themes such as humility, contentment, right living and forgiveness, each meditation includes a daily Scripture reading, poignant prayer, and journal prompt or response idea designed to motivate and strengthen readers.

“As I worked in my ever-expanding gardens, I was amazed how often God used the natural world to open my eyes to new spiritual truths,” Weaver writes.

As an Old Order Mennonite living in southern Ohio, Weaver spends her time gardening, cooking, caring for her family, and living as much as possible off the land. Weaver bares her heart in these 90 devotionals, all drawn from her home-centered life, and encourages readers to root themselves deeply in love of Christ and service to others.

Women especially will relate to these meditations sprinkled with stories from Weaver’s children, marriage, Old Order Mennonite community and wider friends and family.

Darla Weaver’s first book, Many Lighted Windows, was published in 2016, and she has written for Family Life, Ladies Journal, Young Companion, and other magazines for Amish and Old Order Mennonite groups. Before her three children were born she also taught school. Her hobbies are gardening and writing.

I did the first few days of this book and I like it very much. The whole first section is about gardening and since I garden I could really relate to these. Now, this is not a Bible study, so don't be mistaken. Its just like a "day in the life" reading and how God speaks to us through everyday things. and how we can use this to make our lives better and grow in Christ.

I really like the lay out of the book. There are no dates on the passages so you can do them whenever. It goes by weeks, so week one is Lessons from nature. There is a Bible reading that you should read first. Then the devotion/meditation then a short prayer and last, a reflection (something she asks you to think about or do).
For example - "What are the clouds in my life today, and how might God be using them to help me?"

Some of the names of the weeks are -
Powerful pruning
Still my restless longing
Hearing God
The Path of Pain 

This is very easy reading and easy to understand. I think everyone, at almost any age can get something out of doing this book. I have to admit, I love the title and cover! I want my soul to be watered by God. Doesn't that sound wonderful?  I myself am looking forward to finishing the book!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Herald Press ~ Thank You!
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