And the Angel Cried: The Miracle of an Abandoned Baby in 1955 - Gale Frances - One Year Later...

A Little over a year ago I read and posted a review for this miraculous story. 
The story is about a 14 year old hunter in 1955 who found a 2-5 day old infant baby thrown over a barbed wire fence and left to die in the woods of Indiana - she survived because the Hand of God refused to let this little lamb die that day!
But the miracle doesn't just stop there - Years later the abandon baby and the boy who found her were reunited as adults. This is their story.

You can read my original review of - And The Angel Cried - HERE

A lot has happened in the year since I posted that review.
The first being - I finally got to meet them both in person! And what wonderful, kind-hearted, sweet people they are. Honestly I can't say enough wonderful things about them.
They live close to my mom in TN. In August I went to visit my mom. I still had the author's email address so I emailed her and told her I would be in the area and asked if they would like to meet for lunch. It was just like meeting family! We hugged, we ate, talked, and took pictures (that's me in the middle). I think we will be friends for life.

Gale told me "There have been over 1 million more views of the CBS YouTube video since you posted your review last year! Dave and I wish we knew how people are still hearing about the story. Amazing and humbling! A preacher's wife said this to Dave last year after one of the services - "you will never know how many people have been touched by your story until you are in Heaven"....that is what it's all about - reaching people with the story!"

"Dave was ready to give up on his quest to find “Baby Roseann.” After all he had been searching fifty-eight years and his hope was failing. One brick wall after another – doors opening, just wide enough to give him some hope, only to be slammed shut in his face.  Tattered newspaper clippings from 1955, documenting the day he found the two-to-five day old infant in the woods while hunting with his grandfather were in his possession, proof that she existed. However, all he ever heard during his search was “no, we know nothing about this baby; we have no records, we can’t help you.” Law enforcement, social services, hospital, and newspaper personnel – everyone who had touched this baby during her first three months of life now denied she had ever existed.  It was understandable that Dave was drained of energy to continue his physical search, but the memories of that day haunted him unmercifully.

For his sake I knew I could not give up. I typed a letter to a retired sheriff who had tried, unsuccessfully, to find her seven years earlier. Quietly placing the letter in front of Dave, I said “let’s try one last time.”  On December 21, 2013, Dave received his very own Christmas miracle – the sheriff had found “Baby Roseann.”  Dave was finally able to meet Ellen, the woman he had found abandoned in 1955 at their reunion in Richmond, Indiana on May 4, 2014. CBS broadcast the event on the “CBS This Morning” show and simultaneously posted it on “YouTube.” As of October 26, 2017 more than 4,950,000 viewers have seen the video and have posted inspirational comments. “Reader’s Digest” printed the story in their November, 2014 issue, reaching readers from 70 countries - almost immediately that publication resulted in the story going viral.

What impacts us the most is how the story is continually touching people – to this day we are still receiving numerous comments and Facebook friend requests. We started tracking the tens of thousands of comments from people all over the world until the volume became so large and came in so fast that we couldn’t keep track of them any longer. What humbles us the most is that people are recognizing that this was indeed a miracle from God - His protection, guidance, and grace upon a baby and a 14 year old hunter. We have met countless numbers of people who have been driven to tears upon hearing about the story. We hope we have made a difference in their lives – they have certainly made a difference in ours."

To learn more about the story please go to their website: www.andtheangelcried.com

Here are the original newspaper clippings -


It was a pleasure and a thrill to get to meet these wonderful people. To get to talk to them just like we were friends and hear their story right from them. This is an experience I will never forget.

I highly recommend this heart warming true story of a miracle that happened in 1955!

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  1. This was a very moving book. I enjoyed it tremendously. God sure had a plan and it is wonderful when we realize it and act on it. Many blessings to you and your book. Darlene Underwood

    1. Thank you for your comment, Darlene... it means so much to Dave and me to know the story is touching your heart!
      God Bless you and your book "Destiny's Journey," another powerful story!

  2. This is an amazing story and I never heard it before. Wow that you got to meet them too! God works in ways we will never understand and sometimes my mind gets blown away by his work in my life and others' lives too.

    1. Thank you, Danielle - It is such a blessing to know that the story has touched your heart! Please share with your family and friends. God Bless!