Good Night Tales - C.S. Fritz

3 Stars

Good Night Tales leads your children through a vivid, beautiful, and imaginative adventure through Scriptural truths. This collection of Scripture-based stories brings a forest to life through animal kings, trolls, plum-loving giants, and fiddle-playing crickets. Stories include reimaginings of Israel asking for a new king, parables about searching for the kingdom of God, and Psalm 23.

Casey "C.S." Fritz grew up on a farm in Oregon, where he milked cows and had a pet pig. To escape the endless chores of cleaning chicken coops and watering tomatoes...Casey would draw.

As a young child, Casey's family moved to Arizona. It was there beneath the fiery gaze of the Southwestern sun, that he spent most of his life. Graduating school, marrying the love of his life and having two wild kids. It was also there that C.S. Fritz's work began to take traction with local galleries and art publications.

In 2011 the Fritz family went west to the great city of Los Angeles. It is here that Casey operates as one of the lead pastors at Collective Church, while drawing monsters in his spare time.

I have very mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand - it is a very nice story/fairytale-ish book. The pictures, while dark, strange, and a little scary for very young children are also very beautiful.

On the other hand - as far as Bible stories go - this is really stretching it. These stories are so abstractly related to the Bible if I didn't know it already I would have never guessed. And with the exception of the lost sheep and the Noah's ark one (which never mentions Noah or an ark but does show a picture of an ark.) - if the Bible verse wasn't at the top of each story I would not have know what verse he was even doing. And I may be the strange one here - but I like my Bible stories to mention the words God and Jesus. I think that is important especially to children. And neither of them are mentioned once in the whole book until the guide at the end. God is referred to as "The King" throughout the whole book. And thank "God" for the guide at the end for the book other wise I would have never known how to relate these to the bible.

I know this sounds like a slam, but it isn't really. This really is a nice collection of great stories. I just wouldn't call them Scripture-based stories and wouldn't use them that way. I would just read them as fantasy stories.

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Tyndale Publishers  ~ Thank You!
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