A Little Christmas Faith - Kathryn Freeman

4.5 Stars!

Is it time to love Christmas again?
Faith Watkins loves Christmas, which is why she’s thrilled that her new hotel in the Lake District will be open in time for the festive season. And Faith has gone all out; huge Christmas tree, fairy lights, an entire family of decorative reindeer. Now all she needs are the guests …
But what she didn’t bank on was her first paying customer being someone like Adam Hunter. Rugged, powerfully built and with a deep sadness in his eyes, Adam is a man that Faith is immediately drawn to – but unfortunately he also has an intense hatred of all things Christmassy.
As the countdown to the big day begins, Faith can’t seem to keep away from her mysterious guest, but still finds herself with more questions than answers: just what happened to Adam Hunter? And why does he hate Christmas?

I was born in Wallingford but have spent most of my life living in a village outside Windsor. A former pharmacist, I’m now a medical writer who also loves to write romance. Some days a racing heart is a medical condition, others it’s the reaction to a hunky hero… 
I’ve two teenage boys and a husband who asks every Valentine’s Day whether he has to bother buying a card again this year (yes, he does) so the romance in my life is all in my head. Then again, my husband’s unstinting support of my career change goes to prove that love isn't always about hearts and flowers - and heroes can come in many disguises.
The author is adorable, isn't she?
Check her out -

Book 2 of my Holiday reading!
Cute, cute, cute! I have read a handful of books about starting a new Hotel/Inn/B&B and I am finding that I really like that story plot. It reminds me of The Gilmore Girls when Lorelei was starting her own Inn, The Dragonfly Inn and she did the test run with her friends and parents. It makes for fun reading! This one is crafted very well. There are a few little things happening in the background that all come together perfectly.

Very good character development! I really liked Faith. I think I would have liked her for real as a person. Sorry, I do that with characters LOL... I try to think of them as real people living near me and could I be friends with them. And I think I could be friends with Faith! I wasn't too sure about Adam, he was very stand-off-ish at first (but he was supposed to be) but then of course he won my heart. I think it first happened fairly early in the story - when he helped and kind of bonded with Chloe.
Oh, and that brings me to Chloe, Faith's teenage niece.  When she was first introduced I thought "Oh no, and here's the teen angst." but again - she won my heart!! There are also a lot of minor characters that have great spotlights in the story. Kathryn ties them all together very nicely.

A fun, sweet, endearing Christmas story that will win your heart too! This is my first one by this author. I had actually never heard of her before, but Kathryn Freeman has quite a few other books out there. I would definitely love to read some more of hers.

*  There is a bit of sex in here but nothing overly graphic! It is all tastefully done.

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Rachel's Random Resources Thank You!!
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