Christmas Recipes From Five of Your Favorite Authors - Sharon Kleve, Jennifer Conner, Angela Ford, Jennifer Chambers, & Ella Medler

5 Incredible Authors — 50 Amazing Recipes

What's better than sharing some favorite recipes for the holiday season? It brings together family traditions and love.

There is a recipe for everyone. Including: vegetarian, vegan, main courses, side dishes, drinks, and of course luscious desserts.

OK first off - the cover - ADORABLE!!!! Props to whoever chose that one! 

I am a vegetarian so there are a few recipes in here that I would not eat, but my husband would like a few of the ones I don't  :-)
I know he would like Sharon's "Christmas Eve Barbecue Ribs" - Can I tell you a secret... shhhh - I have never made ribs! I wouldn't even know how... until now! I think I could actually do it following these very simple directions.

OK Sharon - the Christmas Morning Frittata - YUM, now that I would make and eat! and the whiskey glazed sweet potatoes. Now you're just making me hungry!

Some other great recipes -
Raspberry Margaritas - I seriously might have to make these!
Candy Cane Dark Chocolate Cookies
Loaded Baked Potato Casserole - to make it vegetarian I would use veg broth instead of chicken and leave out the bacon - then it would be perfect!
Julene's Hearty Clam Chowder - Holy crap - now you're talkin!
Hot Candy Cane Nog -  all this need is a little Rum!
Cinnamon Spice Coffee - Did I mention I am a coffee-aholic!???
Yammy Burritos - Whaaat? A vegetarian dish! This sounds really awesome. I really think I might make these the day after Christmas when my daughter and her hubs come down for a few days! Thank you Jennifer Chambers for making my planning a little easier!
Millionaire's Best Kept Secret - (Shortbread/chocolate bars with bourbon). Alright- you had me at Bourbon!

And that's just a few of the delicious recipes in this book! So much good yumminess!

Thanks Sharon Kleve for sending this my way!

Order your copy from amazon - HERE


  1. Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed some recipes.

    Happy Holidays!



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