Cut & Assemble Santa’s Workshop - Matt Bergstrom

5 Stars!

Get ready for Christmas with a fun-filled project that not only offers a holiday activity for the whole family but also makes a charming keepsake decoration. One side of this festive model looks like a traditional cut-and-assemble building and the other reveals the interior of Santa's workshop. The dollhouse-like effect includes scenes of Santa's elves at work and Mrs. Claus in her office, checking off a list of naughty or nice names.
No prior experience is necessary for assembling this easy-to-make scale model. Detailed instructions and diagrams explain every step of the assembly process, from cutting, folding, and gluing to adding the finishing touches.
Chicago-based Matt Bergstrom is a graphic designer, photographer, and papercraft artist. His Wurlington Press imprint publishes a series of postcard-sized paper architecture kits that re-create the iconic skylines in miniature. Matt is a fan of road trips and offbeat tourist attractions, national monuments, and unusual natural wonders. He has nearly completed his quest to sketch pancakes at diners and cafes in all 50 states.

WOW! This is cool! Difficult, and definitely not for a child, but way cool. I seriously think it will take me weeks to finish it - but I am determined to finish it! This is a very detailed model of Santa's workshop that you (as the title says) cut & assemble.

OK some helpful hints -
* You should definitely have s scoring tool (which I do have luckily). This is light weight cardstock but the small pieces are hard to fold exactly. The more exact you are the better it will turn out.
* I suggest using a strong double sided tape, not glue. Glue is messy and takes longer to dry. But double sided tape works perfect.
* Read all the directions first! And be sure to follow the directions - This project is intricate and a little confusing. You will want to know what you are doing before you forge ahead.
* Take your time and just go one step at a time - and enjoy it as you go!

This is as far as I have gotten -

I would love to post more pictures as I go along. So come back and check out the progress. Maybe I'll have it done by Christmas??

So all-in-all - yes it is HARD... but I think it is so worth it! I mean, I don't think I would have liked it if it had been easy. I do like a challenge. It makes it more fun and it is going to be so awesome when it is done! And I will feel like I really accomplished something. I am just not sure how I am going to store it between Christmases. I may just have to get it its own special box.

There are a couple other ones by Matt Bergstrom. I want more! Maybe the Haunted house next?

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Dover Crafts Thank You!!

Order yours from amazon - HERE


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