Conservation of Luck - Lesley L Smith

4.5 Stars!

For every good fortune, there's an equal and opposite misfortune.

As a brilliant young computer scientist working on her Master's Degree, Ella Hote doesn't believe in luck. But when bizarre accidents, insane coincidences, and weird encounters with improbably handsome strangers start to happen all around her, even hardheaded Ella has to change her mind.
She comes to realize she's inadvertently created a luck-generating computer that can make even the longest of long shots pay off. Unfortunately, for every stroke of good luck, someone else pays the price in bad luck.
Ultimately, when lives are on the line, how far will she go?

All right, I confess! I love physics. I blame my misspent youth reading science fiction by the likes of Asimov, Heinlein, and Clarke. Not surprisingly, I also love science fiction. I grew up in Missouri, in a family of overeducated overachievers. Following in their footsteps, I've earned far too many degrees including an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Elementary Particle Physics and an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction. Hmm? I may have a split personality. The evidence shows I've authored or co-authored many scientific articles, and am a longtime member of the American Physical Society. I'm also a founder and editor of the speculative fiction ezine and a longtime member of the Science Fiction/Fantasy Writers of America. Both sides of my personality live in Boulder, Colorado where I do physics by day and science fiction by night.

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Oh I really really liked this book! Fun, fun,fun!
First it was so very original! I loved the characters Ella and Jayden. Ella was a riot! I pictured her as Zooey Deschanel - pretty, smart and very quirky and snarky! Just the way I love my characters.

You would think a fiction book about quantum physics... eehhh not for me - but it was fun, interesting and not so much about physics! LOL right up my alley. The biog question - can you change your
luck? Hmm interesting thought. But I also liked that this was also about Ella's gambling, her MIA father, her friendships and love interests, or lack of. So there were a lot of spider webs in this story.

OK - my favorite part of the story - The narrator (Kathryn Supina)! OMG!!! I loved her! I have a problem with narrators - I don't usually like them. So to finally find one that I love. Oh yay! She totally made the book for me. I loved her voice and the way she read. I could really picture Ella. Great job!

Great story with a great narrator! A win/win!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Kate Tilton Author services and Lesley Smith Thank You!! 

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