Happy New Year everyone!

Happy 2018!

Whoa, wait... Did I just say 2018? It's 2018 already?
Remember when we were all panicked and weren't sure if we would survive the beginning of 2000 - Y2K?
So - 18 years later!!! My how time flies!

I have a lot of really great books lined up to review for this year. I am really excited about some of them!
Tomorrow I am reviewing - House on the Forgotten Coast by Ruth Coe Chambers. An amazing book and 5 star review from me!
Also I have lined up for Jan. a Meditation book - Just Sit by Sukey Novogratz. I've only started it but it looks like it will be about the best meditation learning book out there!
I am also very excited to do this review at the author's request (after I commented on how great her book sounded to me) - Game Changer by Charissa Stastny. I love football and books about football and this one looked perfect.

In Feb. - the romance month, I am doing a book by an author that I have really grown quite attached to - Redheads Have More fun by Sharon Kleve. This one looks like fun!
I am also doing a Dystopian/YA book - Starter Zone (The Revelation Chronicles book 1) by Chris Pavesic. This one certainly sounds interesting!
AND... I am really excited about this one! - Still Me by Jojo Moyes!!!!  I have not read one by this author yet and have always wanted to, now is my chance!
But I am starting the month off with one of my favorite authors - Lisa de Nikolits - No Fury Like That. I am so excited about this book! I have actually already read it but I am going to read again!  (shhhh don't tell anyone but it gets 5 stars!!!) and I will be doing an interview and a giveaway!

And then in March!!! Holy crap! I am reviewing a lot of great books in March!
I am kicking it all off with an amazing sounding book - Shadow Crimes by E J Moran. I can't tell you how excited I am for this book (I am shaking my fists and squealing right now! LOL).

I will also be doing a few great audio books -
On Jan. 14th - Dark Retreat by Grace Hamilton, book 1 in a series - YAY!
In March - Death Theory by John D Mimms - sounds great!!!

I have a lot more books lined up but those are some highlights!
Oh - PS & BTW I will be doing Highlights like this more often so you can see what great books are coming up.

On Friday I will be doing my 2017 wrap up post with "highlights" off all my favorite book of the year! So be sure to come and check that out!

And here are some pretty book covers for ya! -


  1. Check those out! They look amazing!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Yeah I think I have some really great books lined up!

  2. I just finished Shadow Crimes and really, really liked it!!! Hope to read more from this author.

  3. I hope you like Game Changer. Another book, Package Deal, is due out next week. Let me know if you want me to send you that one (or I could just gift it to you on Amazon if that's easier). Have a great week!

    1. Thank you! I will prob. want it, but will let you know for sure after I start this one! :-)
      And gifting on amazon is perfect!

  4. What a great lineup of authors and books - I am delighted and honoured to be among them Dear Wendy! Here's to you and 2019, Best Wishes! And to all readers and writers out there!

    1. You did mean 2018 right? LOL
      And I am very excited about your book tour!

    2. Hehe yes, a bit ahead of myself!! Yes, 2018!!! :)

  5. Wow, Forgotten Coast was 5 stars! Excellent news.

  6. It looks like a wonderful group of books! I'm happy that Starter Zone was included.