House on the Forgotten Coast by Ruth Coe Chambers

Absolutely 5 Stars!!!

    Like a monarch surveying her domain, the house has stood for over a hundred years in the fishing village of Apalachicola on Florida’s northwest coast. She has known life. She has known passionate love. She has known brutal death. But she has guarded her secrets well . . .

    Then eighteen-year-old Elise Foster and her parents arrive from Atlanta in their silver Jaguar, bringing with them their own secrets and desires. Seeking friendship in their new community, they find instead that the townspeople resent their intrusion. But this intrusion on the house’s privacy also provides a pathway for the past and the present to merge—and for the truth behind an unsolved murder to finally be brought to light. As you strive to solve the mystery, you and the Fosters are forced to address two critical questions: What is real? What is delusion?

Ruth Coe Chambers takes pride in her Florida panhandle roots and her hometown of Port St. Joe has inspired much of her writing.
She is indebted to the creative writing classes at the University of South Florida where she found her “voice” and began writing literary fiction. Listed in the Who’s Who of American Women. She has recently republished one novel, and published it’s sequel, and has written two award-winning plays. She is currently working on the third novel in her Bay Harbor Trilogy. She has two daughters and lives with her husband and one very spoiled Cairn terrier in Neptune Beach, Florida.
Her two earlier novels include The Chinaberry Album and Heat Lightening

This book was fantastic! I love ghost stories anyway but this was one of the best I have read. Like... WOW! It seriously kept me guessing till the end. And then my jaw just dropped.  I honestly never expected that, didn't see it coming.

 This story is so well done. The character development is excellent. The descriptions are great, I could vividly picture everything. And there is so much this book has to offer - its sad, heartwarming, a little romantic, and a lot creepy! I had trouble putting it down to get anything done. I really think this will be one I will want to read over again, even though I know the ending. Maybe especially since I know the ending to see if I can pick up any clues.

This will definitely be one of my favorites of the year (of course it will have to wait till the end of 2018).  I hope this author keeps up this style of writing - I would read her again!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Poetic Book Tours -- Where Readers Come to Poetry Thank You!!


  1. I am so glad to hear that you loved this one! It seemed like a winner. Thanks for being on the blog tour.

  2. This looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. House on the Forgotten Coast sounds like a must-read. I don't usually read ghost stories but I'm going to make an exception for this one! Thanks for the heads-up, Wendy.

    1. Oh I love ghost stories! But this was one of the best!