No Ordinary Girl: Mind : tainted. Body : broken. Revenge; in motion - Cheryl Elaine

4.5 Stars!

What started out as a night of celebration for Aimee soon turned into a nightmare. Snatched by cruel, sadistic monsters - the worst creatures mankind has ever produced - she’s thrown into a metal container, among other victims too frightened to make a single sound.

The game-keepers force everyone to play. They deliver torment and pain in equal measure. Every hunter has their own agenda and reasons to maim and torture.

Detective Johnson is one step away from catching the killers. Wrestling with his instincts as a father to serve justice his own way, this is no ordinary case for him. Can he stop the vile sadists before they damage more young girls, as well as his own daughter?

Aimee’s ordeal within the compound brings her to the conclusion that she’s no ordinary girl. But can she hang onto her sanity long enough to escape? And will she find a different way to play?
   *Please note: contains graphic content.

Cheryl Elaine was born in Germany but moved to Northern Ireland as a young child. She then moved to Yorkshire where she spent most of her childhood and this is where she currently resides with her husband and 3 daughters.

Cheryl Elaine is an avid reader and enjoys watching horror movies - the more gruesome the better! She enjoys travelling and socialising but also loves spending time at home with her family and her ever expanding menagerie which currently includes 2 dogs, a budgie, 2 fish and a rat called Rocky!

Website – www.cherylelaine.co.uk
Twitter - @CherylElaine15
Insta  - cherylelaine15

Wow! This book was creepy, scary, very graphic, but exciting!

This is one of those books that is very hard to read because it is so sad it brings out a lot of emotions. But, you keep reading because you can't not read it. You need to know, you need to find out what happens. And that need to know is far greater than all the creepiness in the book.

This story starts out as one of extreme, intense torture then turns into one of revenge. The hunted becomes the hunter - a vigilante. The "girl-next-door" becomes a killer. During this part some of the fine details were missing and left me think "hmm how did that happen?" And it was all way too convenient, but - it was all so exciting and I was so glad that she was getting her revenge - I really didn't care.

And, one of my pet peeves - there wasn't a real ending (unless there is going to be a book 2)?? Honestly, I would love another book about what happens to Aimee!

All-in-all I really did like this book! I loved Aimee - excellent character development. She was definitely a kick-ass heroine! I didn't mind all the graphic scenes, but some people might. Foe me it just made it more real.

I would definitely read another one by this author!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Rachel's Random ResourcesThank You!!

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