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Fairy Gardens Magic Painting Book 

 Under the Sea Magic Painting Book

5 STARS (10 STARS really!)
Open this book to see stylish, black and white illustrations… then brush water over them using the water pen provided to see them change before your very eyes, as a rainbow of colors magically reveal itself and bring each scene to life!  

These books are wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! It is amazing how something so simple can be so great! I remember paint with water books from my childhood and then again when my own daughter was little. Well - these are not the same paint with water books from long ago! These are so much better. 

The quality of these books is great. Nice thick pages so the paint and water does not go through. But, just in case it does... there is a flap in the back of each book that you put behind the page you are painting (Ha! So smart!). The detail is amazing! I bought these for the two little girls I nanny for but I really wanted to paint one myself!

The youngest is a little over 2 years old. She could easily do this, but her attention span wasn't long and she was ready to be done in about 5 min. The older girl is 3 1/2 and she LOVED it! She painted for almost an hour and I think she could have painted all day! While the younger just spread the water over the page with a big sweeping motion. The older one painted with precision and such concentration, painting each and every detail. She painted three pages this same way! And then when she was done she asked - "Can we do this again another day?"

One of the best parts (besides keeping them occupied) was - no mess! I didn't even have to put anything down on the table under the painting because they were using only water!

I know for a fact I will be buying more of these fabulous paint with water books! Thank you so much Usborne books & more!

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