Bound For Eden - Tess LeSue

4.5 Stars!

Alexandra Barratt has found the perfect man--it's a shame he thinks she's a boy...
Fleeing from the murderous Grady brothers, Alexandra disguises herself as a boy and joins a frontier party heading West, with her brother and sister in tow. The wagon train is captained by the irresistible Luke Slater, who's never met a woman he couldn't charm.
At first, Alex can't believe the way every woman in town falls at Luke's feet, including her suddenly flirtatious sister. But when she sees him naked in the bathtub, she finds herself swooning over him too. If only she could wash the muck of her face and show him who she really is. Unfortunately she has more pressing concerns...
The Gradys aren't about to let Alex, nor the small fortune she stole from them, slip through their fingers. Only by maintaining her ruse does she have a chance of protecting her family. But fate, it seems, is conspiring against her. 

Tess LeSue writes sexy and adventurous romances, set against sweeping historical backdrops. Her current love affair is with the wild landscapes and even wilder men of the Wild West. Her first Western, Bound for Eden, is in stores now. Tess also writes literary fiction under the name Amy T Matthews and teaches Creative Writing and Literature at Flinders University.

Oh my gosh - What a cutie she is!

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OH what fun! I love Western/Romancey/ Oregon trial stories!! This one did not disappoint. I was "into" the story after the first chapter. It just grabbed me, but - it didn't let go of its hold the whole way through.

Great character development! Really loved all the characters, especially Alex (Alexandra). She was a wonderful leading lady. A good strong (but not too strong) female role model. And at first I wasn't sure about Luke. I wanted to like him, but I just don't like the "ladies' man" type. I hate to say it - but he did grow on me. I ended up liking him too.

Great writing, loved her style, great story line, lots of fun, adventure, and romance!!! A perfect summer read!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Berkley RomanceThank You!!

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