The Wild Garden AND Butterflies & Bugs by - Felicity Brooks

5+ STARS!!!

Decorate the scenes with beautiful rub-downs in this beautifully detailed keepsake book! The card pocket in the inside front cover holds eight sheets of rub-down transfers. There are jungle, pond, meadow, honeybee garden, butterfly house and many more scenes to decorate — half of the spread is colored, and the other half is labeled line drawings ready to be colored. The beautifully detailed rub-downs can be added anywhere you like!

Felicity Brooks is an Editorial Director and writer at Usborne Publishing. She studied English and Drama at Exeter University and worked as an actor, teacher and lexicographer (someone who compiles dictionaries) before starting work in children’s publishing in the late 1980s.
She has written and edited hundreds of children’s books, including stories and novelty books for pre-schoolers and books about history, geography, languages, science, maths, nature and the arts.
Her books have won the TES Senior Information Book Award, the Aventis Science Books Prize, the SLA Information Book Award, the Sheffield Baby Books Award and Practical Pre-school Gold and Silver Awards.

Oh my goodness! Can I even say enough wonderful things about these books? These are absolutely gorgeous and so much fun. I dare say they are - perfect! I have found nothing wrong.

  • Beautiful, top quality hard cover books.
  • Lots of very detailed pages.
  • Lots of beautiful rub-down transfers.
  • A nice, sturdy envelope in the front to keep the transfers in.
  • So easy to do.
  • So far - have been perfect everytime!

OK I have a little confession - shhhh - I didn't buy these for a child!!!  I bought them for myself! And let me tell you... I have been having fun!

The video shows you what the transfers look like and how to use them, so I won't even go into that.
But here is one picture from each book -
This one is my favorite because dragonflies are my favorite animals!

So... I actually bought these for a different purpose. Although I still might do some in the book. I have just started doing "Bible journaling" (that is journaling right in the Bible with drawings and pictures etc.). I thought "How fun would it be to use these transfers in my journal Bible!" It is so beautiful! I have only done one page so far, but I love the idea and can't wait to do more.

I drew the cactus and the little plant at the bottom, copying what was in the book. Then I used the flowers and owls rub-downs and then added my own thoughts.

I am kind of an out-of-the-box type person. This just shows you how creative you can be. You don't have to just use these craft books they way they were meant - but you certainly can - because that would be beautiful too! Have some creative fun!

I highly recommend these for however you want to use them and for whoever you buy them for!

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