The Second Cup - Sarah Marie Graye

4 Stars!

Would your life unravel if someone you knew committed suicide? Theirs did.

Faye knows her heart still belongs to her first love, Jack. She also knows he might have moved on, but when she decides to track him down, nothing prepares her for the news that he's taken his own life.

Faye is left wondering how to move forward - and whether or not Jack's best friend Ethan will let her down again. And the news of Jack's death ripples through the lives of her friends too.

Abbie finds herself questioning her marriage, and wondering if she was right to leave her first love behind. Poor Olivia is juggling her job and her boyfriend and trying to deal with a death of her own. And Jack's death has hit Beth the hardest, even though she never knew him.

Is Beth about to take her own life too?

Sarah Marie Graye was born in Manchester in 1975, to English Catholic parents. To the outside world Sarah Marie’s childhood followed a relatively typical Manchester upbringing, until aged nine, when she was diagnosed with depression.

It’s a diagnosis that has stayed with Sarah Marie over three decades, and something she believes has coloured every life decision, including the one to write a novel.

Sarah Marie wrote The Second Cup as part of an MA Creative Writing practice as research degree at London South Bank University – where she was the vice-chancellor’s scholarship holder.

Sarah Marie was diagnosed with ADHD in November 2017 and published an extended edition of The Second Cup in February 2018 that included character interviews so she could diagnose one of her characters with the same condition.
This book received VERY mixed reviews on Amazon and GRs, so much so that I was almost afraid to read it. Oh I am so glad I took that chance! I fully enjoyed this book. About the only negative I have is that is was kind of slow in the beginning. Once I started getting into the story I really liked it more and more.

This book takes turns with the character's POV, but not only that... it also switches from third person to first person and back again. Some people put this as a negative, but honestly, I loved it! I loved the third person story telling, not taking any ones side. But then, I liked the first person view of being able to know what they are thinking, their side of things. And the author made it real easy - at the beginning of each first person account was the name of that person. Then at the beginning of the third person part was just a label "Fat Ankles" etc. So really for me there was no confusion, it was very easy to figure out.

I loved the characters! I loved these women. They were all so different and all came with their own set of problems. I don't think I am exactly like any one of them, but I liked each of their unique personalities. I "got them", I understood them. And I definitely could relate to each of them a little bit.

One of my favorite scenes in the book was the reading of the tea leaves! How fun! I wanna have my tea leaves read. I actually went back and read this part twice :-)

At the end of the book the author had interviews with each of the characters! I loved this part. A very good idea. It was a nice follow-up, to find out what happens to each of them.

So - in a nut shell - A little slow in the beginning, but definitely a worth while read with great characters!
Pool Rating - 4 - To me, almost any women's fiction is great pool side reading and this one was no exception!
I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Rachel's Random Resources Thank You!!
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