The Meek (Unbound Trilogy #1) - J. D. Palmer

5 STARS!!!

The world didn’t end with a religious war, or a race war, or an economic collapse. It didn’t end with everyone blowing each other up with nuclear warheads and it didn’t end with a natural disaster. It didn’t end because someone got offended in one of the million petty squabbles that were real, or fake, or imagined. 

It ended quietly. 

Harlan is visiting his friend in Los Angeles when people start dying. His friend, the neighbors, the entire city falls victim to an unknown disease. Except for Harlan. 

Or so he thinks.

And he learns quickly that just because there are other survivors, not all are to be trusted. Finding himself in a world filled with broken spirits and hidden motives, he must navigate through a darkening landscape fraught with violence and despair as he desperately tries to get home to the love of his life, Jessica, and the child she is carrying. Morality becomes blurred as Harlan is forced to commit questionable acts to protect himself and those around him. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - (holy cow, isn't he adorable!!)
J.D. Palmer was born and raised in Montana. He was told to go outside and play. A lot. He is so, so thankful for that. J.D. loves to read and makes sure to do some every day as long as it is fiction. The real world is too scary (kidding) (sort of). Fantasy and historical fiction are his favorites, although sci-fi and post-apocalyptic literature tend to find their way into his book stack. The Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett are, in his humble opinion, the best books ever written. He now lives in Los Angeles where he pursues an acting career. 

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LOVED!!! Yes, this book is very dark and graphic - but it is the end of the world as they know it! I don't think there are many warm fuzzies at the end of the world. I love "post apocalyptic" type books. The "Life as We Knew It Series" was my favorite... until now. This book makes that series seem like a cake walk.

The characters - oh my! Loved loved loved the characters! I thought Harlan was great! But I really fell in love with Beryl, just wow. Her character was so real. All the crap they went through together. They both came a long way. I loved the relationship that very slowly developed between them. There were quite a few other characters, some bad, some good, and some extremely bad! But all the characters were done so dang well, they all felt so real (good or bad). 

A post apocalyptic story that is definitely worth reading! If you are looking for a book that will put you on the edge of your chair - every page - then this is the one! But be warned - it is not pretty - it will grab you, twist your heart, wring it, and hang it out to dry. If you are the slightest bit squeamish this may not be a book for you. 

Hmmm, does that say series? Next book please!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from the author Thank You!!

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