#SeasonToRead Dec. 12th - Purchased - GIVEAWAY!

This one was actually hard! I just don't purchase that many books anymore. So I am posting a picture of a bunch of Christmas books that I have gotten at sales (book sales, yard sales etc.). I am a sucker for a Christmas book!

Do you buy books at sales?

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  1. Books at sales are tempting as long as they suit me and are in perfect condition. The library sales are the best for that. Your books are lovely. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. I do go to book sales since you never know what treasures you will find.

  3. I had a field day when Borders closed, does that count as a book sale? I actually don’t buy many paper copy books these days. I’ve actually gotten rid of a lot of books in the last year. I still have a ton but it’s a tad more manageable now.

    1. YES! That absolutely does count! :-P
      Do you still go to that little (I mean huge) used book store in your town? That shop was so cool!!!

    2. I do! Although Sometimes I go just to snuggle the kitties and bs with Michelle lol.

  4. I do buy books at sales, especially at my library's used book room. I can buy gently used hardcovers for only $1 and sometimes less.

  5. Used to buy lots of books at the library sale. That was when I worked there. Now I try to catch the book sale the church has at the festival to raise money for the church schools. Find a lot of Love Inspired there. But I love to find holiday stories.


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