The Liberation of Lauren Lane - Angela Pisaturo


A thought-provoking saga of a young girl's climb out of shame and onto glory. A vivid account of date rape and campus dangers. Lauren was not your typical college girl. She was shy, not the party type at all. But she needed a friend and Sarah impressed her as a true friend. Little did she know, Sarah WAS NOT what she appeared to be. At Sarah's prompting, Lauren attends her Christmas gathering, but its a setup, and the unspeakable happens to Lauren. This begins Lauren's spiral downward, until grace alone sets her free.

Ms. Pisaturo studied the art of novel writing at the Jerry Jenkin's Writer's Guild and graduated at the journeymen level. Ms. Pisaturo's published articles are Unconditional Love in a Pet, published by Pet Supermarkets and The Dollhouse Angel published by Faithwriters Magazine.  A Gift for Abigail and True Friends Are Forever, two children's books for young girls.  She currently writes an inspirational column for pet lovers entitled Paws for Thought which is featured on a regular basis in the EastLakeBlister.com newspaper, a local community paper for the discerning reader.

 She has coordinated a writers group known as Joyful Word.  Under her direction, the group published a newsletter that was distributed to Tampa Bay area nursing homes, hospitals, churches and libraries.  

A refreshing change. This was a slightly different take on rape/date rape. A deep story of hurt, guilt, shame, forgiveness and acceptance.

Great character development. There were some very tense scary moments in the book. They were all very believable. I loved Lauren and WOW did I feel for her! She did a total spiral downward after something that wasn't even her fault. And yet - she felt the shame and guilt. I loved the direction this took - I loved that she had to hit rock bottom (and she really did) before slowly climbing back out again.  And I loved that Lauren went back to what she had always wanted to do, that she didn't loose that vision. She took what happened to her and used it in such a way so she could help other people in need.

Even with all the graphic scenes I think this is an important book for older teens to read. Not only to see what is out there and what can happen (so be careful!) but also to see what can happen after. That life does go on and it can get better.

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from the author Thank You!
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  1. I might give this a go - don't like the cover though. Cheers