Stinky Tofu - Ross Nodell


In this hilarious clash of cultures on steroids, conservative NYC Jewish banker Sam Lowe, falls head over heels for Linda Liu, a stunning Chinese immigrant. His desire to marry her requires a trip to Taiwan to get her mother's approval. Sam's travels are rife with awkward and embarrassing situations as he struggles like a buffoon with the language barrier, a horde of potential in-laws, bizarre foods and befuddling Asian customs.

Upon their return to New York, tensions ratchet up to an explosive level as Linda's large family begins their mass migration from Asia to the couple's tiny upper west side apartment.

was born and raised in Chicago. He relocated to New York City in the late 80s to marry a Chinese woman. He draws material from a wealth of life experience as a world traveler. He's a true adventure-seeker having climbed Mount Rainer in Washington State, and The Grand Teton in Wyoming; scuba dived with hammerhead sharks off the North Wall in Grand Cayman; walked Kruger National Park searching for water buffalo; biked through the South of France; and windsurfed the Maldives. Ross has a love affair with food and wine, always seeking out new and exotic cuisines, no matter how peculiar or offensive. He brings all these adventures to his readers through the lens of a comical microscope.

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This book is exactly what is promises - comical and even hilarious at times! A light, fun, easy reading romantic comedy that I thoroughly enjoyed. I think what did it for me was that I saw my husband as Sam LOL. He would totally be out of his element in any other country. Except I think (know) that my hubby would refuse (not graciously) to try new foods.

This story is very well written. I could easily imagine everything! Like, I don't even think I have to go to Taiwan now - I kinda feel like I have already been. Great characters, excellent character development. It was so much fun getting to know Sam and his new family. This almost, very loosely reminded me of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".
But even with the quirkiness, fun, and romance, this really is also a great look into the Taiwan culture, a travel memoir of sorts. I do think you have to enjoy food, food of different cultures, and reading about them because there is a lot of food in this book! I just happen to love different foods. So this was a great part for me.

I really enjoyed every part of this delightful story!

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