10 Kind Kittens - Sylvie Starkweather

4 Stars

Meet ten cute kittens, and let them inspire kindness in your kids!
In an era when bad manners, rudeness, and intolerance are sadly part of daily life, Sylvie Starkweather's picture books make learning traditional family values a pleasure for today's children.
Bright, retro styles make her books entertaining for both the adult and child reader.

A very simple book the teaches 10 different acts of kindness. This is a nice way to have this discussion with your child. I think it might be nice to make a list of all these kind things and check them off when your child does them. A kindness chart!

~ help around
~ treat people how I like to be treated
~ say please and thank you

I love the cute drawings of the chubby, happy and kind looking cats :-)
My recommendation would be for very young children. My granddaughter (19 mo. old) loves cats so I'm sure she would love this even if she didn't understand it all, she loves anything cats!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from AuthorsXP.com's review program
Thank You!!  


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