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As the seasons change, a young boy shares the magic of his garden with a special friend: “The wind is raking through the falling leaves and I wish that you were here.” This extraordinary picture book about loss, love and friendship shows that we can always find our way back to a loved one through our hearts and our memories. 

What a wonderful sweet story. This one brought a tear to my eyes! A great way to teach a young child how to deal with loss, the loss of a friend, a family member, or a pet - through our memories! When someone (or a beloved pet) is gone, all we have is the memories we made with them. I think we sometimes forget to teach that to children. It's OK to remember the good times we had! It can sometimes make us feel better.

I love the illustrations in this book. They are soft watercolor paintings. Don't get me wrong, I love bright and colorful, but this just seems so fitting.

In the end, the boy finds his beloved in the garden, in his memories, in his heart! A very sweet way to deal with death, turning it from something negative to something positive.  :-)

This is a book I bought for my granddaughter from an independent consultant for Usborne Books & More.

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