Intimate Strangers - Lasairiona McMaster


Is there such a thing as too perfect?

Lisa Millar wasn’t supposed to fall in love with a guy on the Internet. But she did.

Other than living over five thousand miles away in America, AJ Williams is seemingly her perfect match. Strikingly handsome, musically talented, plays hockey and has a typical college-guy life.

In a moment of carpe diem, Lisa flies from Ireland to Alabama to surprise her internet-beau and finds herself face to face with an inconceivable reality that she couldn’t possibly have prepared for.

How well can you truly know someone you meet online?

Will true love win out, or will AJ’s secret life be too much for Lisa to bear? 

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Lasairiona McMaster grew up dreaming of an exciting life abroad, and, after graduating from Queens University, Belfast, that is exactly what she did - with her then-boyfriend, now husband of almost ten years. Having recently repatriated to Northern Ireland after a decade abroad spanned over two countries (seven and a half years in America and eighteen months in India), she now finds herself 'home', with itchy feet and dreams of her next expatriation. With a penchant for both travelling, and writing, she started a blog during her first relocation to Houston, Texas and, since repatriating to Northern Ireland, has decided to do as everyone has been telling her to do for years, and finally pen a book (or two) and get published while she tries to adjust to the people and place she left ten years ago, where nothing looks the same as it did when she left.

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This ended up being a better book than I first thought - so yay! At first I was just not caring for it at all and almost quit reading but I kept at it and did end up liking it much better after I got into it more.
It got excellent reviews on Amazon and Goodreads so far. So... I don't know, its probably just me LOL.

They say don't judge a book by its cover... but I love the cover!! It really does seem to fit the book and its feeling. Good character development. I just didn't really like or connect with any of them  :-/

So - a book that started slow for me but ended up a keeper. Please do try it and see - you will probably like it far better than I!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Rachel's Random Resources Thank You!!


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