Continuing the Journey - Mercy Tobin


Like an octopus with many many arms, the lies curled around us, covered us, and held us prisoners. We knew nothing of freedom. Or the possibility of it. That was our life before our Rescuer came.

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Mercy Tobin is someone her Healer is touching deeply in her journey of healing. Still in the middle of her journey, writing poems have become her journal. She is surrounded and encouraged on her journey by her children and their families, and special friends who are walking alongside her.

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A beautifully written poetry book that almost reads like a story. A story of transformation and rescue. Each poem you read makes you want to read the next one and then the next. Before you know it you have read half the book! This is very flowing and easy to read. You could almost use it like a daily devotional.

I enjoyed this very much and highly recommend it! I see she has another book - A Journey of Hope. I will have to get that one as well :-)
In our families that we are born to,
there is hurting
and pain
and being left out.
But our Abba, our Papa,
is also our Healer.
And He knows
just what we need.
So He has given us a family
that He Himself has made.
Made up of all His children
who love Him
and want to be with Him forever.
We won’t get to know them all
until we are all Home. Forever.
But for now, He brings special people
to walk with us
and be our friends
and remind us of Him.
So that we are no longer alone,
but have a family
in a special way.
Brothers and sisters who each
are learning from Him,
together with us.
I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from RABT Book Tours & PR Thank You!!


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