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Teetering On Disaster by Michaela Renee


Michaela Renee Johnson was just 12 years old in 1992 when a financial slump forced her family to move from an upscale area in Sacramento to a 27-ft trailer in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, with no electricity or running water — so no Nintendo or MTV. It wasn't exactly the life that every adolescent dreams of, but it was, in fact, their reality.

Michaela chronicles these formative years (and beyond) in her often humorous, constantly candid true story, Teetering on Disaster. As the young Michaela navigates her way through the inherently melodramatic teen years, she must come to terms with relieving herself in the woods, shaving with a 10-cent borrowed razor in an irrigation ditch and taking what she called "bird baths” with a jug of water.

Somehow, in the midst of disorienting change, she learned to focus on what she was gaining instead of what she had lost. And in the end, she gained profound wisdom about her family and the world around her, and uncovered the truth about her own ability to thrive in the face of life's inconveniences.

But the effects of her unorthodox upbringing don't end at adulthood, and Teetering takes readers along as a grown Michaela stumbles upon a few "Mr. Right Nows,” gets divorced in her twenties, and ends up right back where she started: a small mountain town in the middle of nowhere.

Teetering on Disaster is a heartfelt, coming-of-age story written to inspire others to live a courageous life of authenticity and to speak their truth with grace. Michaela's book is an unapologetically honest, authentic tale that will make readers laugh out loud and cry — sometimes at the same time.

Acclaim/Awards Teetering On Disaster by Michaela Renee 

Best Indie Non Fiction Novel, Shelf Media Group

Non Fiction Author's Association, Silver Award

San Francisco Book Review, Prestigious 5 Star Award

San Diego Book Awards Best Un-Published Non Fiction

Michaela Renee Johnson is a licensed psychotherapist, Be You Find Happy podcast host and an award winning published author. She inspires happiness by encouraging people to speak their truth with grace, and live a courageous life of authenticity.

Her business Be You Find Happy holds workshops and conversations on happiness in spite of life's setbacks and has landed her speaking opportunities across the nation.

She lives in Northern California with her husband and son. She enjoys traveling and has visited 19 countries; she loves the ocean and everything in it. She rarely finds herself without an activity whether it be hiking, yoga, tinkering the garden, golfing, reading or spending time outside.

In her most simplest she loves poetic quotes and all things metaphysical.

Website: http://www.michaelarenee.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/michaelarenee

Fantastic book! Fell in love on page one and that love only grew stronger through the whole book. To me, this was a "Glass Castle" style book (which is a huge compliment because I loved that book). Everything that she went through, she sure was a survivor!

I literally read this whole book in just sittings. I just didn't want to stop reading. As a memoir, of course this is a very character driven story. You absolutely fall in love with Kayla. Through the whole book I just wanted something good to happen for her.

One thing that really stuck out for me was - the great one-liners... or I should say paragraphs.
"The tears were good because I learned two valuable lessons. 1. You can cry as much as you want in the shower because no one can see you and 2. No matter how little water there is, it always washes away the tears."
"You will NOT believe what YOUR daughter just did." Mom accused."Um, excuse me, for the record... I have proof from Roseville hospital in the form of a birth certificate with little feet and your signature that you are in fact my mother, and I drive exactly like YOU. I'm sorry of you can't handle it. Now you know how it feels for the rest of us." I argued back.
And my personal favorite -
"Your love life will be happy and harmonious.I think the fortune cookie companies need to spend a little less time in the production of the cookie and a little more time in Research and Development on fortunes that contain an element of reality.
It's really misleading, I know this because I have a stash of little fortunes in my wallet and not a single one has yet to come true. Maybe they should just add the time frame in which said fortune will happen. That would be better.
Imagine my excitement to see:
Your love life will be happy and harmonious beginning next Thursday.
I do love a book with great witty lines.
Definitely a great read!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Virtual Author Book Tours -  Thank You!!

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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed 'Teetering On Disaster'!

  2. Sometimes we need to see life through the eyes of others so we can understand others more and also appreciate our lives whatever they may have been.

  3. Sometimes we need to know how close we've become to this type of life, and how we survive to do a little better. Thanks for this opportunity.

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