Small Town Christmas and Amy's Christmas Casserole - Tammy Tate

Two sweet, romantic Christmas stories from author Tammy Tate -


After ten years, Brandy blames herself when she gets blind-sided by her husband and he brings their marriage to a screeching halt. Mentally, she’s crushed and confused as to what went wrong and the breakup traps her in a dark, cynical place that she can’t seem to pull herself out of. Losing her job at a time when her self-esteem is already at an all-time low only adds to her depression.

In Brandy’s eyes, she’s a train wreck searching for a place to derail. Two weeks before Christmas her mother suggests that she move home. Taking her mother’s advice, Brandy leaves Dallas, Texas for Wauchula, Florida.

Once Brandy gets to Florida, she’s greeted by Connie, a high school acquaintance that she hasn’t seen in over ten years. Brandy learns Connie’s brother is flying in from Chicago for the holidays and has just underwent a nasty divorce of his own. Connie’s determined, with Brandy’s help, they can cheer him up. Brandy’s not convinced.

To Brandy’s surprise, Shaun is no longer the tall, geeky kid she remembers from high school with black rimmed glasses, taped on the sides. He’s tall all right, and sexy as hell, wears contacts and sports an eight pack instead of six.

One day at the zoo changes their life forever.

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MY THOUGHTS - A very enjoyable read! The characters were very easy to get a feel for, and I liked them! Once I started reading I didn't want to stop. It was sweet, a little sad, and suspenseful as an unexpected adventure that ends up brings two lonely people together. 


After being attacked in the parking lot of her San Antonio apartment complex, Amy fears all men. One day she stumbles upon Sawyer Creek. Using all her savings, she buys a small house and café and her Chicken Dorito Casserole becomes an all-time favorite among the community. After four years, the nightmares have stopped, but the panic attacks haven’t. Christmas is four weeks off when the Sheriff calls saying a shovel hit the backdoor of her café, setting off the alarm. Vowing to never be a victim twice, she arms herself with the shovel only to learn that he’s been shot. Can she help him despite her fear of men?

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MY THOUGHTS - A really nice quick Christmas read. Great characters that I fell in love with right away. We all love a mysterious bad guy, right. Or... is he a bad guy??? He may just end up being Mr. not so bad after all. This one has it all - a cafe', a gunshot, some romance, and a lot of suspense.


Tammy Tate was born and raised in Hollywood, Florida but has lived most of her adult life in Texas. Her passion to write began in high school. It follows her everywhere she goes...creating a world where anything is possible. She's been married to the same wonderful man for over thirty years. Her secret to a long marriage? It's easy when you marry your best friend. In her world, Friday night is still date night.

Before she became a full-time author, she was an Executive Secretary, a Computer Consultant/Technician, and a Communications Officer (Police Dispatcher). She doesn't mind a challenge which has allowed her to race a late-model in a women's powder puff race, run barrels and poles in a play-day rodeo and drive an 18-wheeler. Somewhere in between, she and her husband raised three wonderful children. When she's not breathing life into her characters or jotting down ideas for a new book, she and her husband are spending quality time together.

Since she believes reading is the next best thing to writing, she enjoys romance, fantasy, science fiction 


ALL-IN-ALL - Both of these books were just right for Christmas. They offer a quick, but not so simple reading :-)  Don't think that you are getting Christmas book that are all fluff. These stories have a lot of substance - great character development. I can honestly say I loved the characters of both books. There is also a little suspense and great endings. 
Either one of these can easily be read in one or two sittings, but don't read them too fast! You won't want them to end too quickly! 
Just a bit of a warning - these books are not squeaky clean, so if you don't like that kind of thing...

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from the author - Tammy Tate - Thank You!!


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