What Mothers Withhold - Elizabeth Kropf


5 Stars!


The poems of “what mothers withhold” are songs of brokenness and hope in a mother’s voice, poems of the body in its fierceness and failings. Elizabeth Kropf’s poems revel in peeling back silence, and invite us to witness a complicated and traumatic world that is also filled with love.


Elizabeth Kropf earned her Master of Arts in Creative Writing from Perelandra College and is widely published in literary publications, including The Texas Poetry Calendar, The Penwood Review, and Windhover: A Journal of Christian Literature.  A dream called her from California to Texas where she now lives with her husband and daughters.


These poems really get to the heart. They are so thought provoking, genuine, and real. I could really tell that the author was speaking from personal experience, pouring her heart out for all the world to read... and it was beautiful!

I have been through many of the things she writes about. I tried hard to get pregnant only to then to have a misarrange, waited another year to finally get pregnant again :-) Then had trouble in labor resulting in 24 hrs of hard labor and ended up having a c-section. But the final product was a perfect, beautiful baby girl who in now a mama herself giving me two beautiful grandchildren.

Where I was going with this is that I could relate to a lot of these poems and a lot of the feelings she must have felt that are reflected in her poems. These are absolutely beautifully written. Yes, they are sometimes sad, and a little heart breaking but they are real and they put you in that moment if you have the memories to relate to or not.

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Poetic Book Tours -  Thank You!

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  1. I'm so glad that you read these poems and connected with them. I think women need to share these hard stories so we feel less alone when dealing with these kinds of struggles. Hugs for your losses and struggles and hugs for your beautiful girl and grandchildren.

  2. Thank you for your kind words about my book!

  3. Happy new year!!

    Thank you for sharing something so personal with us. This book sounds beautiful! I am not sure if I am strong yet to read it since my husband and I have been trying to conceive. But I'll keep an eye on it if I ever feel brave enough.

    1. Awwww, well prayers for you and the hubby!!! Yeah, you may want to wait till you have the baby LOL. Don't want to scare you or put bad thoughts in your head. <3


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