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5 Stars!!


An unsolved murder. Disturbing dreams. A missing child.

Caitlin Walker hasn't had a dream in nine years. But now nightmares torture her son Adam and awaken in Caitlin buried memories and a dark secret. Her husband Lance has a secret of his own, one that his son's nightmares threaten to reveal.

 In Culver Creek newly hired detective Sage Dorian works to unravel the small town's notorious cold case, the grisly murder of a young girl.

How are Caitlin and Lance connected to the horrific crime? And how far will they go to make sure their secrets stay hidden? Find out in this riveting thriller.

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Alissa Grosso is the author of several books for adults and teens. Originally from New Jersey, she now resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

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OH this book was sooo goooood! I liked this book right from the beginning. But the more I read the more I loved it. This would have made a great movie. Right now I am watching "Tell Me Your Secrets" on Amazon Prime and this book actually kind of reminds me of that. 

Great character development - even though I didn't really like either the wife, Caitlin, or the husband, Lance. They were both just, weird and not very nice towards each other. In fact Caitlin was kind of a Bi%@h to her husband at times. I know she had a sleeping pill addiction (for a good reason, or should I say excuse?) but still. Lance tried with her, he really did. But he was enabling her not helping and to me it came across as cold and unloving. Great characters for a Suspense story - right??? LOL And like I said... Great characters for a movie!

Talk about Suspense... lots of on-the-edge-of-your-seat moments here! There were really two stories going on at the same time. There was the family story - boy having nightmares, mom addicted to sleeping pills, boy disappears into thin air (or it seems), dad - well dad had real issues of his own! And then there was the story of detective Sage Dorian re-opening a cold murder case. And you wonder... What do the two have to do with each other?

The author does a fine job of wrapping the story up in the end. Parts of it I was expecting and parts were a surprise. I really enjoyed this one! I read it in almost one sitting! And I see it is #1 in a series!!! Yay!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Partners in Crime Tours -  Thank You!!

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  1. When you say you love a book, to me, this means I need to get a copy and soon.


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