Manflu - Simone De Muñoz


4 Stars


Following a global pandemic, which has either killed or weakened most of the male population, women now dominate all aspects of life.

Dr. Morgan Digby, married to a man rendered bedbound from his bout with manflu a decade prior, is working tirelessly on a vaccine, yet obstacles keep springing up in her path.

When she meets a handsome neighbor who has never been exposed to the deadly virus, things become…complicated. There’s something between them, but he can’t leave his home.

Morgan’s struggle to remain faithful to her ailing husband isn’t her only battle. Someone has been one step ahead of her, countering her every move. Will she find a vaccine before it’s too late to protect those she loves?


Simone de Muñoz writes dystopian, or perhaps utopian, fiction, depending on your perspective, where women drive the story and sometimes even run the world. She holds a master’s degree in public policy from UC Berkeley and a bachelor’s degree in economics from MIT, which she uses in her day job as a data analyst at a nonprofit. Based in Silicon Valley, she lives with her patient husband, their two young sons, and a grumpy dog named Fish. Manflu is her debut novel.

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Global pandemic, desperately searching for vaccines, this almost sounds a little too real! But, a futuristic world now run by women - Now that I can get behind!!! Except it's not all warm fuzzies. There is just as much competition between women as there are men. And maybe some of those power hungry women are liking a world run by women a little too much. So much so that they might do anything to keep it that way.

Very well written, certainly interesting, thought provoking, and un-put-downable at times. The only problem is trying to decide if this is a romance or suspense, or maybe the best of both? I am not a huge romance reader unless it has that little something extra. Well this one had more than a little extra to keep me reading.

Reading this will make you sit back and think about our world and what is happening today and where we will be in the future.

This is a fast paced, easy reading, and I know it sounds intense but it is fun... yes I said fun! One reviewer said it would make a great TV show and I have to agree! This is a made for TV scenario if I ever read one.

Hold on to the edge of your chairs. After a few unexpected twists this does have a bit of a surprise ending.

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from RABT Book Tours & PR -  Thank You!

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