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Sanity is something you don’t miss until it’s gone. Hard charging pharmaceutical executive Jillian Cooper fears she’d destined to inherit her mother’s history of mental illness when she finds herself accused of murdering her boss. All the evidence tells her she’s either a murderer, or insane. When Jillian struggles to find the truth, she uncovers a web of black market pharmaceuticals, prison gangs, and greed. She begins to believe she may have killed to cover up the off-the-books drug operation.

Can she discover the truth before she’s condemned to life in prison, or a mental hospital?


"Tight, terrific, terrifying. BLACK LABEL delves into the murky world of pharmaceuticals where profit is prioritized above all else. L’Etoile creates a strong female lead in Jillian Cooper, a woman who faces obstacle after obstacle, but still charges into the abyss. More unnerving than a fistful of amphetamines. Unputdownable."
—K.J. Howe, international bestselling author of SKYJACK

"James L'Etoile's BLACK LABEL is a delightfully complex and twisty thriller with a ripped-from-the-headlines plot that will make you think long and hard before you swallow your next dose of medication. Add in an intrepid heroine willing to do whatever it takes to uncover the truth no matter the cost, and L'Etoile's newest offering is a winner!"
— Karen Dionne, author of the #1 international bestseller THE MARSH KING'S DAUGHTER and THE WICKED SISTER

"Relentlessly fast-paced and compellingly twisty! The talented James L’Etoile sets up an irresistibly high-stakes situation: a woman is certain to be charged with murder and doesn’t remember a thing. Can she prove her innocence before she's silenced forever? A dark journey through the world of big Pharma and big money—you will turn the pages as fast as you can."
— Hank Phillippi Ryan USA Today Bestselling author of THE FIRST TO LIE

"If this book had a tag, it would say ‘proceed with caution’ because nothing is what it seems. Told with a vivid and visceral style, this is le Carré’s Constant Gardener meets The Fugitive. As the title suggests, BLACK LABEL is a top of the line thriller."
— Gabriel Valjan, Agatha & Anthony Award nominated author

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James L’Etoile uses his twenty-nine years behind bars as an influence in his novels, short stories, and screenplays. He is a former associate warden in a maximum-security prison, a hostage negotiator, facility captain, and director of California’s state parole system. He is a nationally recognized expert witness on prison and jail operations. He has been nominated for the Silver Falchion for Best Procedural Mystery, and The Bill Crider Award for short fiction. His published novels include: At What Cost, Bury the Past, and Little River -The Other Side of Paradise.

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Absolutely fantastic book! 

First confession - I had originally passed this one up for review. Mistake, big mistake! I kept reading all these great reviews and decided I needed to read this book right away! 

Second confession - I typically don't love books written by male authors. The reason... they usually get the female character all wrong. James L'Etoile got it so right!

Everyone has a hook, something in every book that reels you in. For me, the first one was Jillian, the main character, I loved her. She was a very strong and no nonsense, take no crap kind of girl and I love that kind of character! I think I am a lot like that in my own life so I always relate to characters like that. I just happen to be re-watching Alias (which I loved the first time around). Jillian reminded me so much of Jennifer Garner's character, Sydney. So I kept picturing her as I was reading this. 

The other thing that hooked me was the memory lapse. I have no idea why… But I love those kinds of books (also on Alias, Sydney has a memory lapse, go figure LOL).

About halfway through - "Jillian slid to the floor in exhaustion and wept." I love that James included this in her character. It shows her vulnerability. I do love a kick-ass girl but also one who's human.

This book has lots of "Holy crap!" moments. Lots of action that will have you on the edge of your comfy couch for sure and will bring you to an "Oh my gosh" ending! 

Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this one like I almost did. This will be one of my top favorites of the year. I am looking forward to reading more from this author!

The only negative - I am not done with Jillian! I am not ready to say goodbye. Can she please be part of a series?

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Partners in Crime Tours -  Thank You!!

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  1. woohoo!! So glad you enjoyed this! I've heard so many great things!!!

    1. A Truly great book, I am so glad I didn't miss out!

  2. Replies
    1. YES!!!! Same thing happened to me! I didn't think I wanted to read it until I started reading all the great reviews. I am soo glad I read it!


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