Christmas at Snowflake Lodge by CP Ward


4 Stars!

Plumber Jessica Lemond is determined not to follow in her parents footsteps by living off her famous grandfather's fortune. However, when the old timer himself elopes to Scotland with suspicions over the recent death of his much younger third wife hanging over his head and a private detective on his tail, it is left to Jessica to follow and clear up the mess. Happy to escape from her nightmarish lodger Doreen, she heads to the remote Snowflake Lodge with her young trainee Kirsten in tow.

However, Snowflake Lodge - with its oddball staff and very dodgy plumbing - is not how it appears in the brochure. Among the beautiful Scottish scenery, and with more hot chocolate and mince pies than she can possibly handle, can Jessica find something she didn't even know she was looking for?

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CP Ward is an author from the UK who currently lives and works in Japan. 
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My first Christmas book of the season! And it was a fun one. I'm off to a good start.

I was surprised to see that the author is male! I have to admit that I typically don't read many male authors. Especially books with female leads. Because they usually get it wrong. Well this male author did a great job! I really liked Jessica. I think she would be someone I would like in real life. And I loved that she was a plumber! Not normally a "female job" and I loved that! She was a strong "take care of herself" type. A good role model.

I thought James was an equally great character. But what I really loved most was the setting! A lodge in Scotland, what could be more perfect? Well... Snowflake Lodge was not exactly perfect. But it did make for a good story.

This had nice clean romance. Which shows you don't have to get dirty to be fun and good. 

This story was fun, a bit suspenseful, and heartwarming, all wrapped up together for a great first Christmas read! My first read by this author and I would not hesitate to read more.

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Rachel's Random Resources -  Thank You!!



  1. I agree on you outlook on male authors writing female leads, I'm glad you were pleasantly mistaken on this one.