Your Words Your World by Louise Bélanger



Poetry For Your Soul with Stunning Photographs

Zoom to Heaven

The most beautiful love poem

Where God is not there


A handful of cloud


During the night

These are some of the titles of the poetry you will read in this beautiful, inspiring collection complemented by captivating nature photographs.

Read poems about God and having a relationship with Him. Poems about trust, missing a loved one, childhood memories, Christmas, Heaven, Easter…

Other poems are lovely stories, the length of a page.

The poetry is easy to understand. It is for everyone whether poetry is your genre or not, you will enjoy it.


"I am a Canadian poet and the author of Your Words and my new release: Your Words Your World.

Both books are beautiful and inspiring poems complemented by nature photographs.

I started writing poetry in the spring of 2020. Pouring my emotions on paper, describing beautiful scenery and stories that came to life in my head was quite new to me. With the encouragement and help from many friends, my dream became a reality."

I invite you to visit my website at


The intro should read "Stunning poems and equally stunning photographs". Because that's what these poems are - STUNNING. They took my breath away and a few of them brought tears to my eyes. These touched me deeply. They are so beautifully written and thoughtful and thought provoking. Some of them I read a couple times just to let them sink in... then finally "Yes! I get it! Amen!"

I do a lot of Bible journaling (putting art and Bible study together) and these poems are a perfect tool. I am really looking forward to using parts of them in my Bible journaling.

The pictures - yes, absolutely stunning! Put the two together and I think I have just added my first "favorite book of 2022"! I think I will be having this one on hand to read (and look at) over and over!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from "Poetic Book Tours" and the author -  Thank You!


  1. I agree. This "stunning" poetry and photograph book was amazing!

  2. I am so glad that you enjoyed this collection.

  3. Thank you so much for reading my poetry. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and extremely happy that the poems resonated with you and that you felt the same emotions that I was feeling (and still am) when I wrote them. I am honoured that they will be part of your Bible journaling, wow! Many, many thanks for being part of the book blog tour and for Your Words Your World to be the first of your favorite in 2022.

    1. I honestly can not express how much I love them! I will try to remember to tag you on IG or FB when I post pics. :-)


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