A SHOE STORY by Jane L. Rosen




A young woman has a closetful of shoes and one month to discover the future she thought she'd lost in this captivating new novel from the author of Eliza Starts a Rumor and Nine Women, One Dress.

Esme Nash is eager to leave her small town and begin her carefully planned post-grad life: a move to New York City, an apartment with her loving college boyfriend, and a fancy job at an art gallery. But when tragedy strikes, instead of heading to Manhattan, she returns home to care for her ailing father, leaving every bit of her dream behind.
Seven trying years later, Esme is offered a dog-sitting job in Greenwich Village by a mysterious stranger, giving her access to all of her long-buried hopes and dreams—as well as to an epic collection of designer shoes. Esme jumps at a second chance to step into the future she's sure was meant to be hers.
As she retraces her steps, one pair of borrowed shoes at a time, making new friends and reconnecting with her old love, Esme tries on versions of herself she didn’t know existed. But the hazy August days and warm summer nights pass too quickly, and Esme must decide how much of the life she imagined still fits, and what—and who—is on the road ahead of her.


Jane L. Rosen is an author and screenwriter whose critically acclaimed first novel, Nine Women, One Dress, has been translated into ten languages. She lives in New York City and on Fire Island with her husband and three daughters. 

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I found this to be an absolutely delightful story. I loved it! This was not an exciting, chair edge gripping book, but a more easy going, nice, by the pool kind of read. 

Fantastic character development! I adored Esme. I wish she was in a 10 book series, LOL. I would read every one. She is the girl next door type person that you can easily relate to. In real life she would have been someone I could have been friends with. I really felt connected to her and felt like I was traveling on her life journey wit her. She was a dog walker/sitter and I love that idea. What a great background for a story set  in NYC. Again - this would make a great series. Hint hint!

There are two love interests and I liked them both... we I loved one and really liked the other. In the end I think she made the right decision. :-)

Now, just because I said this was an easy going read - don't get me wrong. There is plenty of angst and sad backstory in here. Enough to keep you reading.

Read this book and fall in love with Esme just like I did! Highly recommended.

This is my first one by this author, She has three others that I see on Amazon and I will be putting every one on my wish list!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Berkley, Penguin Random House

 -  Thank You!!


  1. oh this has to go on my list, I'm a shoe-aholic :)

    1. Right??? Me too!!! LOL. It's a great book! A lot of fun and a lot of great shoes!


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