Escape the Meatrix - Stuart Waldner



Eat Plants, Feel Great, and Save the Planet!

Choose the red pill and Escape the Meatrix

What if you suddenly discovered you were trapped inside a dystopian cult of oppression, murder, and profit—and that your greatest source of calories was an artificially invented diet created by powerful lobbies, designed to line the pockets of the 1% at the cost of your own health and the planet’s very survival?

What would you do?

Escape the Meatrix chronicles Stuart Waldner’s eye-opening battle against climate change as he exposes the real reason veggies are more expensive than a burger (it’s not what you think); the shocking list of diseases that a plant-based lifestyle can slow, prevent, or even cure; and how America’s declining health is linked directly to corporate profit.

We might not like the truth, but the cost of ignorance is far too high. Will you take the blue pill and let the planet burn? Or will you take the red pill, open this book, and Escape the Meatrix.

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Stuart Waldner didn't set out to be an activist. After two decades of exploring Earth's greatest wonders and connecting with sacred sites around the globe, he transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle in 2008. The better he felt, and the more he learned about the statistical connections between our dietary choices and the worldwide crises we're about to face, the more he felt called to wake people up—for our health and for the planet. 
When he's not working or playing with his dogs, he enjoys cooking and eating plant-based foods, running, and restoring windows in his 128-year-old Victorian home.

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Does this book sounds a little like Sci fi to you? Yeah it kinda does! Unfortunately it's true. I wish it wasn't.

I have been a vegetarian (not vegan) most of my life, by personal choice. My husband is not. Although we both try to eat as healthy as possible. We try to buy mostly organic foods. But, it's hard! Everything is filled with chemicals and choices are very limited. And... organic foods are almost double the cost! It's frustrating. 

Last summer we did buy (for my husband) 1/4 of a beef cow from a friend of ours. We knew it was raised humanely and organically. We also purchased 40 lbs of chicken breast from a local farmer. We are trying our hardest to eat healthy. But we do feel that the rest of the world is against us!

I have known a lot of what is in this book for a long time. But it amazes me how most people have no idea where their food comes from and what is in it, and how unhealthy it is for them. WAKE UP!

If you care about your health and care about the way you eat - this book is a must read! It is definitely "food for thought"! A great way to educate yourself.

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from RABT Book Tours & PR -  Thank You!!


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