Still, the Sky - Tom Pearson



Still, the Sky is a speculative mythology rendered through poetry and art that combines the tales of Icarus and the Minotaur and creates for them a shared coming-of-age through a correspondence of written fragments, artifacts, ecofacts, and ephemera. Fragmented memories, relics, and confessions combine in a labyrinth of fever dreams and meditations which contemplate innocence and experience, war and peace, exile and homecoming, flight and failure, love and loss.


We were grown inside nostalgia, reaching to
The hidden, judging its value by the way
In which it hid, tracing its pattern inside
Its reclusion—

Silent listeners, trees bent at the waist; what
Was said in the street was heard in the grass, a
Voice threatening, I will kill you if you speak, and
I opened my throat.

–from Still, the Sky

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Tom Pearson is an artist and poet who works in dance, theater, film, visual art, and multi-media. He is known for his original works for theater, including the long-running, off-Broadway immersive hits THEN SHE FELL and THE GRAND PARADISE and as a founder and co-artistic director of the New York City-based Third Rail Projects and Global Performance Studio.

He is the author of two books, THE SANDPIPER'S SPELL and STILL, THE SKY. More information available at his website and on social media at: and @tompearsonnyc.

Tom Pearson's website - HERE

I have been a lover of poetry since my early teens. There was a time when that was all I took out of the library. Am I an expert? Ha! not even close. But I do know what I like.

And I liked this one. Some poetry books make you feel like you want to, or have to go back and re-read them over and over. this was one of those books.

Some of these reminded me a little, of Edgar Allan Poe's Annabel Lee, which happens to be my favorite poem. Some of them had that same feel for me. Filled with such visual descriptions and heart felt emotion. Don't expect to "get" all these poems upon first reading. These have to be pondered. I love that about poems. :-)

Thanks to Poetic Book Tours for sending my a print copy of this book for  my honest thoughts.


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