Mad Dog and the Sea Dragon - Lisa de Nikolits (a pre-publication review)




Mad Dog and the Sea Dragon is a dark, delightfully comedic noir caper with mob villains of old and a quietly kick-ass 50s styled heroine.

We follow a series of cons playing out in real time. The reader isn’t sure who to trust. Is our stylish heroine and  unreliable narrator? One thing's for sure – she’s got a backbone of steel. What about her sister? Is she a killer with a fondness for nose candy? And you don’t wanna mess with the mob boss antagonist, gangster Serafino D’Angelo, whose love for the murder photographer, Weegee, finds its way into his business dealings.

Greed drives the stakes higher and higher, complicated by sibling rivalry, doomed love and cruel and exacting familial relationships.


Lisa de Nikolits has been hailed as “the Queen of Canadian speculative fiction” [All Lit Up] and is the international award-winning author of ten novels. Her short fiction and poetry have been published in various international anthologies and journals. 
Lisa has appeared on recommended reading lists for both Open Book Toronto and the 49th Shelf, as well as being chosen as a Chatelaine Editor’s Pick and a Canadian Living Magazine Must Read. Her most recent book, The Rage Room was a finalist in the International Book Awards. The Occult Persuasion and The Anarchist’s Solution was longlisted for a Sunburst Award for Excellence in Canadian Literature of The Fantastic. 
Other works include The Hungry Mirror, West of Wawa, A Glittering Chaos, Witchdoctor’s Bones; Between The Cracks She Fell, The Nearly Girl, No Fury Like That (published in Italian, under the title Una furia dell'altro mondo, in 2019), Rotten Peaches, The Occult Persuasion and the Anarchist’s Solution and The Rage Room. All Inanna Publications.
She has lived in Canada since 2000. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Philosophy and has lived in the U.S.A., Australia and Britain.


Oh my gosh, I fell in love instantly!
This was such a fun, fun, fun book. but that’s what I love and expect from Lisa. Fun, zany, quirky… and sometimes total insanity!

Absolutely fantastic character development. I adored Jessica, like with all my heart! She seemed like a simple person, allowing herself to be taken advantage of by pretty much everyone. But, she was no dummy! She knew exactly what she was doing. Jessica is exactly the kind of character I look for in a book. Someone who is smart, strong, and witty. If you need a reason to read this book, she is it!

This book reminded me more of Lisa‘s older style books, especially The Nearly Girl, which is my favorite book by her. This just kind of had that same feel to it, and the same type of great character development.

This is not in publication yet, but I am hoping it will be soon so that you all can have a chance to read it. This one shouldn't be missed!

Lastly, to my wonderful friend, Lisa, please stay true to yourself don’t let anybody else tell you what type of book you should be writing. You are fabulous just the way you are, and I love you!

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from the author, Lisa de Nikolits -  Thank You!!


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