Things That Go Jack In The Night by TG Wolff (with a GIVEAWAY!)


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Things That Go Jack In The Night by TG Wolff

Mysteries to Die For: Season 6

In the English language, there are a few, very special words that can function as nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. One word goes further, creating new words from old.

That word is JACK.

The brandy distilled from hard cider was the first applejack, the word now synonymous with a children’s cereal. There is the nefarious one-eyed jack of playing card fame. Animals from the jackdaw to the jackrabbit to the elusive jackalope roam all the ranges. There are the ever growing number of people named Jack, birth named or nicknamed, heroes to villains. The way the word “jack” is used in the English language is truly unique, inventive, and too numerous for us to count.

For your puzzle solving pleasure, Mysteries to Die For presents: Things That Go Jack in the Night.

Pepper jack cheese. Lumberjack. Wolfman Jack. Jack be Nimble. One-eyed Jack. Jackass. Jacking Off. Jackalope. Jack-in-the-box. Jackknife. Jackpot. Audio jack.

Twelve stories arranged for you to deduce the truth. Twelve “jacks” that should definitely not be taken at face value. It’s a race between you and the detective to find the killer amid the jack in the night.

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About Our Authors:

TG Wolff and Jack Wolff co-host the podcast Mysteries to Die For. This storytelling podcast combines with original music to put you in the heart of a mystery. All stories are structured to challenge you to beat the detective to the solution. Each season, authors craft whodunnit mysteries around a theme.

Season 6: Things that Go Jack in the Night features: KM Rockwood, Chuck Brownman, Nikki Knight, Ed Teja, Erica Obey, Kyra Jacobs, Ken Harris, Susan Wingate, TG Wolff, and Jack Wolff.

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What a fun, entertaining read! I typically don’t do short stories, but this one was so much fun, and I looked forward to seeing the different authors' writing styles. It was great to just be able to pull the book out and read one of the short stories in one sitting.

The very first story got me hooked! I loved the main character. So... I just kept reading.
Oh my goodness, some of these were so funny I was giggling out loud.

The odd arrival of Jack… In the box, by Susan Wingate. Hilarious! I was laughing out loud, literally on every single page. This author is going on my wish list! - Actually I just went to Amazon and bought one of her books and put others on my wish list! :-)

And of course Ken Harris, I was already a fan of his! His main character - Estelle... what a hoot! I loved her. she kept me giggling all throughout. I hope I will get to read more of her (hint, hint).
And loved TG Wolff's story about the costume ball - so much fun!

I haven't finished all the stories yet. But I am thinking I need to listen to the podcast.

I recommend this for anyone who has a couple minutes and needs a smile on their face.

I voluntarily posted this review after receiving a copy of this book from Partners in Crime Tours -  Thank You!!

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  1. Ah yes, I too hear good things about Estelle Cummings, the amateur sleuth. Thanks for the great review and a mention of my short, Live Free or Die Jacking. Fear not, Estelle teams up with our favorite acerbic PI, Steve Rockfish, in the Spring 2024 short story, Did Not See That Coming. It too will be a Mysteries To Die For joint.

    1. Oh, yes. Estelle is a favorite of mine, too. Her and Steve are going to make a hysterical team. Watch out Jawnie!

  2. Thank you for review us, Wall-to-Wall, and being open minded to a different format. Short mysteries are fun because they get to the point fast - be it a knife, a gun, or a rope. This selection definite has something for everyone. Thank you! TG


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