Fun Friday!!!!!

I need a button for my "Fun Friday" posts. 
I am not very good at doing this so I am opening it up to all you guys! I am going to run a contest!

* Make me a button
* e-mail it to me - (forevereading at gmail dot com) put "button" as the subject.
* You have 2 weeks (till Feb. 17th)
* The winner will of course have the pleasure of seeing their button used on my lovely blog every Friday (I will give you credit for making the button every Friday) and a nice package of bookmarks sent to them!
Here are some guide lines -
~Not too big (but not tiny either).
~My favorite colors are Purple (lavender), Pink, and Turquoise (it doesn't have to be those colors I just you might have a better chance of winning if it is, LOL)
~It must say "Fun Friday" and "wall-to-wall books"
~Probably the simpler the better.
Good  luck and have "Fun" with it!
*** This just in - I will allow 3 entries per person!

This weeks winners were -
* "Conquering your Goliaths" by Kathryn Elizabeth Jones ~
Glogirl!!!! Yay congrats!

 I am playing "Award Catch-up".
I received this award from Jen - At Random (a long time ago, shesh sorry!)

The Liebster award (“Liebster” is the German word for friend or love) originated in Germany. 
Here's what Jen had to say -
Wendy @ Wall-to-Wall Books
Sometimes having a blog can be a lot of work, but somehow Wendy manages to maintain THREE! She definitely deserves an award for that alone!
Thanks Jen!!!! 
Jen started out just another fellow blogger but has become one of my closest friends!

And I also received it just a few days ago (OK it was really a week, but who's counting).
From Author - C K Volnek, she is the Author of 2 books I have reviewed - "The Ghost Dog of Roanoke Island" and  "A Horse Called Trouble" and I hope to be reviewing - "The Secret of the Stones" coming out in April 2012.
Here is what she had to say -
I am honored and touched to report that I received the Liebster Award for my blog. But the best part about receiving it, is I have to pass it on! And I chose you and your blog to pass it on to. You have been such a great assest to me and my books, and I want everyone to know about your great site. Congrats! You are one my dearest blog friends! :-) 
Wall-to-Wall Books Blog. Wendy is just one of the nearest and dearest reviewers I can mention. She is honest and frank with her reviews but is always the most positive and supportive people.

I also invite you to visit my other blog post this week which is about weight loss - Losing weight... again!


  1. Very cool idea about the buttons! I don't know how to make one, but I could try!

    1. You should definitely try! What have you got to loose, right?


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