Break of Day - Mari Madison

5 Stars!!!

Asher Anderson is an amazing surfer—with a body to match—but he’s pretty much the world’s worst weatherman. He’d prefer to catch the perfect swells in the morning so he tapes his forecasts in advance—it never rains much in San Diego anyway. The suits at News 9, however, would love to fire him, but since he’s the son of the station owner, they’ll just have to get creative...

Piper Strong thinks she’s scored her dream job when she’s promoted to weather producer. Glorified babysitter is more like it—she’s now responsible for bringing Asher back to shore. The problem is she’s afraid of the water, and she wasn’t counting on her growing attraction to Asher. But if Piper can just weather this storm, she'll be able to carve out a career to be proud of—and maybe even a place in her heart for love....

Mari Madison is a former multiple Emmy Award-winning television producer and author of novels for adults and teens. She’s worked at television news stations in Boston, San Diego, and Orlando and helped launch the nationally syndicated morning show Better in New York City. Under the name Mari Mancusi, she writes young adult books, including the Blood Coven Vampire novels, most recently Soul Bound and Bad Blood. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and young daughter and their dog Mesquite.

It was LOVE at first chapter!
My second book by Mari and I loved it even more than the first! So far she is 2 for 2. In the spring I reviewed Just This Night and loved it. I was wondering if I would be disappointed in the second one - so glad that did not happen! I know this is a "romance" but... really it is so much more. It is not just a shallow all about the love and sex type book. This book touches on subjects like - substance abuse, poverty, a home for children, feeling responsible for the death of your sibling, and wanting to better yourself and break away from your family. Wow, a romance with depth! That's a "novel" idea.

Loved the characters in this one! I absolutely loved both Piper and Asher. The character development was excellent. This was one story where you were really rooting for them to get together. I thought Asher was so sweet to her. I could understand why she was hesitant and afraid, but I just wanted her to give him a chance.

This story was so sweet, interesting, and fun. I think this is going to be one of  my favorite romance series. I am definitely looking forward to the next book in the series "At First Light" coming out in spring of 2017.

I have an in-ground swimming pool and we all know you can not see a reg. kindle or iPad in the sunlight. I requested the actual book so I would have something to read at my pool. So this was my summer pool book -

Thank you "Berkley Romance" for sending me this book for my honest review!

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