Interview with author KP Smith!

I was blessed with the chance to interview Kenyan Smith, "KP Smith", author of the Growing Pains Series.
I have read the first two books in the series - Kendra's DiaryNew Beginnings

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1.    Tell us a little bit about "who is the real you" -

Wow…great question. I’m a believer. I’m a person of hope, vision and faith. My deepest desire for everyone is that they live their best life possible every single day.

I’m an author & a coach. I’m a proud mom of two teenage sons. I live in New Orleans, LA. I love writing, sports, reading, dancing and binge watching my favorite tv shows.

I’m pretty laid back but when needed I can take charge and get things done.

Life is truly a gift and I do my best to enjoy every day of it.

2.    Why did you choose Kendra as a character and how did you come up with her (because I loved her!) -

I always wanted to write a story loosely built on my life. I wanted to use my own experiences and “wisdom” to provide an entertaining and encouraging coming of age story about the challenges of growing up. And Kendra evolved from there.

3.    Does this story reflect any of your life?-

It does. It’s not verbatim. The overall situations, challenges, themes and problems are a reflection of what I experienced. But most of the specific storylines are from my imagination.

4.    Why did you choose to write about football and cheerleading? Were you a cheerleader? Are you a football fan? -

I come from a sports family. I’m a sports fanatic and it has always been a big part of my life so I wanted to include it. Plus, it will be an on-going integral part of Kendra’s story and how it affects her relationship with the males/men in her life as it has been in my own life.

I tried out for cheerleading in elementary school and I didn’t make it. I like Kendra went back and forth if to try out again. Kendra did but I didn’t. Unfortunately, that experience was a part of a time span when I didn’t “try” because I didn’t want to fail.

This is something I’ve had to overcome. I wanted to share this struggle as well as the key which is to try and try again.  As I stated earlier I want to entertain and encourage my readers.

5.    Did you write this story for anybody? What would you like the reader to take away from reading Kendra's story?

I’m writing the entire Growing Pains Series because it’s been a dream of mine.  More than anything I want people to remember life happens the good and the bad but no matter what happens to never ever give up!

Live your best life possible every day.


Thank you Kenyan for joining us on my blog today!
Visit her website - HERE

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Kendra's Diary - HERE (the Kindle version is free right now)
New Beginnings - HERE

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