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These are the reviews of the books I have read so far -
Escape From Witchwood Hollow - HERE
Victorian - HERE
The Goat Children - HERE

The Interview -

The names in your books are beautiful, Honoria, Weronika, Keziah, Leontien.
Where did you get these names? Are they just out of your head or have you heard them before? - 
 I get my names from three sources: People I know (Leontien is my pen pal), family (Keziah is my many-great-grandmother), and from a baby book (Weronika).  I am in love with the baby name book.  Names mean a lot to me.  I try to find unique ones that will stick with readers.

Have you yourself had any episodes with ghosts, or have you had any ghost sightings? Because I personally have had a lots of episodes with ghosts! - 
I've always been fascinated by ghosts.  I used to work in what was once a factory, and a few times I heard someone call my name and no one was there.  I've also been on a lot of ghost tours.  I haven't seen anything, but my camera picked up an orb in a living room.

I have not read any of your steam punk novels only because I am not really into that kind of thing. But I love your paranormal novels. What made you start wanting to write this way?  -
My steampunk novels do feature the paranormal.  The Treasure series in particular involves a young man who can communicate with ghosts.  I've always been fascinated with the paranormal.  I think my grandmother (the one from GOAT CHILDREN) sparked my love.  She used to tell me things, like if I concentrated hard enough I could do anything.  It worked for her - she could always find four leaf clovers!  
 (The anniversary of Jordan's grandmother's death was May 11th

Where do you get the ideas for your books? Like The Goat Children being about dementia, do you take from personal experiences? Or is everything you write totally made up?  -
The majority of what I write is based on some sort of personal experience.  I based GOAT CHILDREN off of my grandmother.  I lived with her while she had dementia, and it took such a toll on the family.  In PATH TO OLD TALBOT, I based the mansion off a home I toured with my family years ago while on vacation.  In VICTORIAN, I used to work as a costumed interpreter at Fort Stanwix. The book most like my life, other than GOAT CHILDREN, is ESCAPE FROM WITCHWOOD HOLLOW.  While reading it, my mom kept saying, "I know that place!"  

I love how you made Keziah's family vegetarian (from The Goat Children)! A girl after my own heart.
You mentioned to me that you were also vegetarian. Were you raised as a vegetarian or did you choose to become one?  -
My family all eats meat.  My parents don't hunt, but my dad comes from a,long line of hunters.  I never liked meat all that much, although I loved tacos and sloppy joes.  I decided to become a vegetarian after I got my dog and realized how human-like animals are.  The have personalities.  They hurt.  I've been a vegetarian since college, so about 10 years now.  My family has supported me 100%.

Tell us something fun about yourself! -
Vegetable oil was spilled on my front walkway during a cookout and it stained the cement.  I'm currently trying to scrub it with baking soda and vinegar.  Yeah, really not working.

The Giveaway -
The author has offered one Mobi copy of Escape From Witchwood Hollow - Great book!!
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