Friends & Family Interview #10

Diane is a very good friend of mine! We have been friends for years. I think we started out being friends when we kept loaning each other books to read.

She has done a lot of traveling and has been to some pretty amazing places - including Africa!
Here is a blog she kept while she was there - Determining which Destination

Diane is a wonderful friend and I hope we stay friends for a long time!
I love this picture of her, this really shows who she is. She is a very sweet and caring person and is almost always smiling!

1. How long have you lived in your area? 30 years

2. What are the best things about living there and what are the worst?
The best thing is that it's out of the village so there is countryside around but stores and restaurants nearby. You do live in a nice area!

The worst thing is there are skunks! Yes! Isn't that the truth! There are a ton of skunks here! We had one living under our shed for the longest time!

3. What is your favorite food to eat? And what is your favorite food to cook?
My favorite food to eat …that's a hard question.  I love lobster and ice cream. Yum! I do love lobster and ice cream is one of my favorite things!  My favorite food to cook that's not fair since I love to cook.  I would have to say any kind of dessert. Especially those little date cups, LOL!

4. What is your favorite smell or scent?

5. If you were given a week and all the money you need - how would you spend it?
I would give 10% to my church and 10% to missionaries.  Then I would book a cruise to the Caribbean on Holland America!!!

6. What is the last music you listened to (and be honest!)?
Christian music on FLN.  I don't know what the last song was.

7. If you could give one million dollars to one charity, what would it be? and why?
World Compassion.  Terry Law started this missionary organization back in the '70. They go mainly to 3rd world countries and share Jesus.  However, they start by meeting the practical needs of the people first. Good one Diane!

8. What is the one thing around the house that you hate doing? Dusting! Everyone seems to hate dusting!

9. What is your favorite thing to do for fun?  Take pictures!

10. Surprise me! I love to travel!  I want to see all 50 states by the time I'm 60.  I have 2 to go!! That is simply amazing! I hope you get to those last 2 states!

Thank you so much Diane for being a guest on my blog!
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  1. Oh, I would love to visit all 50 states by the time I was 50! That would be great! And skunks are awful hateful little buggers. Their stink is almost impossible to remove, and they bite!! Excellent interview today!

  2. Oh wow, only two states left?! That's awesome! I got 45 to go :/


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