2017 All wrapped up!

I can tell you right now that 2017 was another stellar year for books!
I had a lot of 5 star reviews. So either there are a lot of great books out there or I am just very careful of what books I choose to review (which is actually true) I think it is a combination of both.

Here is the year broken down in stars -
3 Stars -5
3.5 Stars -2
4 Stars -29
4.5 Stars -20
5 Stars -  31

And here are my favorites, starting with the 5 star books (click on the book cover to take you to my full review) -

Boy let me tell you - it was really really hard to choose my facvorite 5 star books. Honestly, all of them could have gone on this list! But I will keep it to 5 with an added bonus of a 6th.

House on the Forgotten Coast - Ruth Coe Chambers
Zenka - Alison Brodie
66 Metres & 37 Hours - J F Kirwan
The Mermaids Daughter - Ann Claycomb
Henry and Me - Sasha Clinton
Dark Harvest - Chris Patchell (and my post of Dark Harvest has received 1340 page views so far!)

Here are a few 4.4 Star books -

An Unexpected Afterlife - Dan Sofer
Deadly Proof - Rachel Dylan
Addicted - Krys Fenner
Spooning Daisy - Maggie McConnell

And the top 4 Star books -

Game of Fear - Glede' Browne Kabongo
Cat in the Flock - Lisa Brunette
Code Blood - Kurt Kamm

And there you have it! My top favorite books of the year!
I am really looking forward to my 2018 reading. Maybe I will read some of the same authors. 

Have you read any of these? Did you just add any of them to you wish list?
If you have an end of the year post let me know - I will come check it out!


  1. I am truly honoured, Wendy, that you have chosen ZENKA as one of your Top Favorite Books of 2017! Happy New Year and I hope it brings you masses of books that will have you glued to the pages at midnight!! xx

    1. Great book! I am looking forward to reading more from you (unfortunately I am booked till April!!!)

  2. Wow, I love that House on Forgotten Coast is on this list!

  3. How cool that Spooning Daisy is on this incredible list! Thank you so much. I've shared this link on my fb page. Happy New reading.

  4. BTW: I have added 4 to my wish list. If any of your wonderful authors want to get in touch with me I am on @alisonbrodie2 xx

  5. Thank you for featuring Henry & Me on your list, Truly honored.

  6. I love spy thrillers so I'm going to check out the J. F. Kiwan books!

    I'm glad you loved The Mermaid's Daughter!

  7. Thank you for including Deadly Proof!

  8. Wow, TWO of my books in your top 5!!! You’ve made my day (ok, my weekend!) Ta so much!

    1. I seriously love these books!
      Can't wait to read book 3!!

  9. Thanks so much for the honor! I'm glad Cat in the Flock made it onto your list.