2021 Wrap up! or... (my favorite books of 2021)

 It's been a while since I have done an end of the year wrap up post. I think it's been at least 2 years.

And I was in the mood, so...

I have read a lot of great books this past year. I have a lost of 4 & 5 star reviews. This is mainly because I have really scaled down the number of books I read. I am only reading and reviewing books that I know that I will absolutely love. In the past I read about 10 - 12 books a month! Now I am reading between 4 - 6 at the most. This makes it very difficult to choose favorites, but I have singled out 12 books that stood out to me.

The Lighthouse Witches by C.J. Cooke

The Ghosts of Thorwald Place by Helen Power

Spouse in the House by Cynthia Ruchti & Becky Melby

The Babysitter by Gemma Rogers

Stolen by Tess Stimson

Black Label by James L'Etoile

Final Girl Support Group -by Grady Hendrix

Invisible by Lindsay Woodward

Until I Find You by Rea Frey

The Deadening by Kerry Peresta

Condition Black by Gareth Worthington & Stu Jones

Project Kaitlyn by Grayson Avery

I know it's hard to believe but of all these great books I do have one that just stole my heart.

My top favorite of 2021 is...

The Ghosts of Thorwald Place by Helen Power

Trust No One. Especially your neighbors.

Rachel Drake is on the run from the man who killed her husband. She never leaves her safe haven in an anonymous doorman building, until one night a phone call sends her running. On her way to the garage, she is murdered in the elevator. But her story doesn't end there.

She finds herself in the afterlife, tethered to her death spot, her reach tied to the adjacent apartments. As she rides the elevator up and down, the lives of the residents intertwine. Every one of them has a dark secret. An aging trophy wife whose husband strays. A surgeon guarding a locked room. A TV medium who may be a fraud. An ordinary man with a mysterious hobby.

Compelled to spend eternity observing her neighbors, she realizes that any one of them could be her killer.

And then, her best friend shows up to investigate her murder.

Click on the each of the titles to check out the original posts with my reviews.

I am so looking forward to seeing what books 2022 brings into my life.

Happy reading!


  1. OOh I have some books to add to my wish list. Thanks and Happy New Year!!!


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